Third Grade

Third graders still share the playground and have lunch period with the 1st  and 2nd graders but this year they feel a little like campus leaders, a precursor of things to come. Third graders are asked to step up in more ways than on the playground however. Third grade pushes the students academically with new material and learning concepts coming into play. Automaticity of basic subtraction, addition and multiplication facts is expected – the ability to recall low-level information without effort. Think of the times tables, with repetition and practice these numbers become automatic and will require little or no prompting. Focus is put on reading skills, in class and at home, where students will be required to read instructions on their own and depend less on verbal commands. Response to literature, both verbally and in writing, is an important part of the third grade curriculum. Writing clearly is an essential skill which is also emphasized in third grade. Cursive writing and division are also introduced in the third grade. Third graders are finally able to check out two books at the library this year instead of just one!

Each year academic expectations increase along with your child’s appetite for knowledge. Please click on the attached link to view the Grade-Level Student Standards outlining what children are expected to learn in mathematics and language arts. The publication also includes ideas for activities to help children learn those skills.

3rd Grade I Can Student Standards

3rd Grade Teachers