Sixth Grade

Did you know that Sixth grade and softball go hand in hand? At KHS they do! There is a long standing tradition at KHS that happens in June – Faculty vs. 6th Graders. Ms. Tobin and Mr. O’Connor are out on the yard practicing softball skills with the students from week one. It’s amazing how loyal each 6th grade class is to their teacher but when June rolls around all bets are off. Sixth grade is a terrific year for students both socially and academically. In the classroom they focus on Ancient civilizations; creative writing; number sense, data, formulas, proportions; and independent study skills. Out of the classroom the 6th graders enjoy social events such as the 6th Grade Dance and Camp Caritas. The families of the 6th graders fundrais for these extra events throughout the school year by hosting Pizza Sale Wednesdays, cookie dough sales, Golden Gate Field Days and more.

Each year academic expectations increase along with your child’s appetite for knowledge. Please click on the attached link to view the Grade-Level Student Standards outlining what children are expected to learn in mathematics and language arts. The publication also includes ideas for activities to help children learn those skills.

6th Grade I Can Student Standards

6th Grade Teachers