Second Grade

Second grade is a natural continuation of first. Students are now accustomed to sharing the lunch room and recess with 1st and 3rd graders, they recognize their Caring School Community buddies from last year and look forward to new ones, they have figured out the “Big yard” play structure schedule and look forward to the days when it’s their turn to climb and slide an mass. The KHS second grade teachers are well coordinated and continue to build on skills introduced the previous year.  Focus is centered on reading, writing, addition and subtraction. Look for classroom activities such as class plays, art projects, animal reports and more. Each year academic expectations increase along with your child’s appetite for knowledge. Please click on the attached link to view the Grade-Level Student Standards outlining what children are expected to learn in mathematics and language arts. The publication also includes ideas for activities to help children learn those skills. 2nd Grade I Can Student Standards

2nd Grade Teachers