Fourth Grade

Fourth grade offers a longer day and a new lunch and recess schedule. Fourth graders share the playground and lunch with fifth and sixth graders. They can play on the play structure every day, and they will be an older “buddy” to a younger student as part of our Caring School Community program. Fourth graders visit the library every other week for fifty minutes and are able to check out two books at a time.

In fourth grade we study California history. Our science units are ecosystems, electromagnetism, and an Earth science unit focusing on rocks and minerals and changes to the Earth such as earthquakes.

We read and write increasingly complex materials and prepare for a writing test given to fourth-graders statewide in March. Students learn to use all of the steps of the writing process from planning to sharing their writing with others and to give more careful thought to the purpose and organization of what they write.

In math, we learn skills such as multi-digit multiplication and long division and use some strategies for solving these problems that may be different from those learned by parents or older siblings. Fourth-graders need to master basic multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction skills to prepare for these more advance problems.

Each year academic expectations increase along with your child’s appetite for knowledge. Please click on the attached link to view the Grade-Level Student Standards outlining what children are expected to learn in mathematics and language arts. The publication also includes ideas for activities to help children learn those skills.

4th Grade I Can Student Standards

4th Grade Teachers