Fifth Grade

Fifth graders experience a neat status change by moving to the newer classrooms next door to the library. Fifth graders share the playground and have lunch period with 4th and 6th graders. Fifth grade is a year of social growth as well as academic achievement. This is the year when report building skills are developed and fine tuned.  Students are submerged in the various components that are used to build a cohesive and well-written report typically on a state in the U.S. The 5th grade play and musicals are always a treat!  Look forward to making models of constellations, researching Native American tribes, and group performances where your child takes part in designing the stage, costumes, and choreography.

Each year academic expectations increase along with your child’s appetite for knowledge. Please click on the attached link to view the Grade-Level Student Standards outlining what children are expected to learn in mathematics and language arts. The publication also includes ideas for activities to help children learn those skills.

5th Grade I Can Student Standards

5th Grade Teachers