Rules & Procedures

The rules and procedures outlined here have been developed to allow the school to operate in a safe and orderly manner. Your cooperation in abiding by them allows staff to concentrate on providing the best possible educational experience for our children.

Important Reminders

Morning Yard Supervision

There is no supervision on the yard before 8:15. Students should not arrive at school before that time. Students go directly to the upper playground unless their teacher has told them to go to the classroom; students should not wait in the hallway for the bell to ring. Playground behavior before school is “walking and talking.” Students may not play on the play structure before school.

Pick Up Policies

Please be on time to pick up your child after school. Kindergarten students are picked up in front of the classroom at 1:30. 1st – 3rd grade students are dismissed at 2:20 every day except Wednesday, when dismissal is at 1:45. Please do not instruct your child to play on the playground after school while waiting for an older sibling. There is no supervision on the yard, and upper grade students are using the playground for PE until 2:40 when they are dismissed. Children can wait on the patio outside the MPR or in front of the school.

Cell Phone Policies

The District cell phone policy states that while students may bring cell phones to school, they must be kept off (not on vibrate) during the school day. We expect all students to turn cell phones off when they enter the campus, put them away in their backpack, and not turn them on until the bell rings for dismissal. Do not call your child’s cell phone during the school day. If your child needs to call you for any reason, s/he will call from the office or the classroom phone if given permission. If your child’s phone rings or is used during the school day for any purpose, it will be taken by a teacher or another adult. On the first infraction, it will be returned at the end of the school day. On the second infraction, it will be taken to the office, and a parent will be called to pick up the phone.

Pick Up Arrangements

Make pick up arrangements and discuss them with your child prior to dropping him or her off at school. It is disruptive to interrupt the class to inform your child of this information.