Support for Parents and Teachers

From the five General meetings each year to the many programs and events we sponsor,  the PTA is dedicated to supporting both families and educators in our school community.

Four of our Association meetings center around current and informative topics for adults.  Past topics have included presentations on Cyber Safety by the California Office of Privacy Protection in Sacramento, guest speakers such as Lenore Skenazi, author of “Free Range Kids”, School Board members, parenting tools and tips, and more.

The fifth and final Association meeting is typically more “kid oriented” where we bring in a fun interactive program such as Mad Science, The AstroWizard, etc.

Some of the many programs we sponsor in our ongoing effort to support our school community include:

Emergency Preparedness, Hospitality / Teacher Appreciation, Kensington Cares, Kenvue, Room Parent Coordinator, Safe Routes To School, Yard Duty

Emergency Preparedness

The Emergency Preparedness Committee takes responsibility for providing and updating an emergency response kit for each classroom and every student and emergency contact and release information for all students.  In the upcoming year, this committee hopes to increase the level of preparation on site and begin to facilitate disaster preparedness throughout our community.

Committee Chair:  Sharyl Rabinovici (

Hospitality / Teacher Appreciation

The Hospitality Committee provides food and services for several events throughout the school year.  Some of these events are the Annual Holiday Luncheon for the teachers, the Kindergarten Ice Cream Social, CAL Band lunch following the Halloween Parade and the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon in May to name a few.  Requests for food and/or help with these events go out in the Thursday packets, eTree, Kenvue, and direct email.  If you would like to join the committee, please contact the Chair below.  It is an easy and fun way to participate with no obligation and the teachers and staff are always very appreciative!

Committee Chair: Amy Mullarky (

Kensington Cares

Kensington Cares was established to help Kensington Hilltop families who find themselves in need of a little extra help in their lives, be it due to an unexpected event, illness, or other occurrence that disrupts regular life.  The Committee Chair leads a crew of volunteers that have helped in the past by donating meals, arranging transportation to/from appointments, providing childcare, making lunches, grocery shopping, and more.  This is truly a backbone operation of the school community and your help can and will make a difference in another family’s life.  The Committee Chair coordinates the family in need’s wishes with those volunteers able to help.  Contact the Committee Chair to join her no-obligation email list.

Committee Chair: Serena Heaslip (


Kenvue is the PTA newsletter.  Issues are published monthly, and report on news related to PTA, students, parents and parent-led groups, and school staff.  Editors work with the PTA board, parent leaders, and school staff to share pertinent information.  All copy is proofed by the PTA president and school principal.

Committee Chair: Lauren Burns (

Room Parent Coordinator

The Room Parent Coordinator is responsible for staffing and coordinating all the room parents for all the classrooms. There are three room parents for each classroom; Classroom Room Parent, PTA Room Parent Coordinator, and KEF Room Parent Coordinator.  The Classroom Room Parent will work directly with their classroom teacher in determining that teacher’s needs and preferences for classroom help. The PTA RPC will assist in PTA related communications and either find other parents to help with specific PTA related programs such as Carnival, Yearbook, Outdoor Classroom and Emergency Preparedness, or handle those functions personally.  The KEF RPC will coordinate KEF related events such as the Garden Party, Fall Pledge Drive, and Spell-a-Thon. The Room Parent Coordinator oversees all three room parents for all the classrooms and assists them as necessary during the school year.

Contact: Cindy Zedeck (

Safe Routes To School

The Safe Routes to School Committee runs programs that encourage our children to safely walk and bicycle to school. Currently the committee sponsors International Walk to School Day and the Fitness Friday program, where the entire school population is invited to walk to school and is treated to coffee and a healthy snack upon arrival.  Safe Routes to School also encourages families to mind the traffic flow requirements that help to make morning drop-offs run smoothly.

Committee Lead: Samantha Oryall (

Yard Duty

This Committee is continually looking for volunteers to help supervise the lunch times for the First through Sixth grades.  The district does not provide enough supervision for these critical times when children are out of their classrooms and generally mixing grade levels on the yard.  Those interested in helping out  1-2 hours a day, even if it’s only one day a week, are strongly encouraged to contact Derek and see where they can be of service.  Lunchtime is an excellent opportunity to take the pulse of the school and learn more about your child’s friends and social interactions.

Committee Chair: Open