Outdoor Classroom

This Committee supports the teachers by making available expanded curriculum opportunities outside the four walls of the classroom.  They have exciting new ideas for this school year, so stay tuned for updates on beautification projects and creating new schoolyard spaces!  Volunteers are ALWAYS welcome!!

Spring Carnival Plant Sale

Traditionally the Carnival is held the day before Mother’s Day and what better way to celebrate and support our school than to pick up a living gift for your Mom.  The Outdoor Classroom coordinates donors, seedling foster families, plant donations, pots and more to make a living garden available the day of Carnival.  The Plant Sale honors past Kensington mother (and grandmother of current KHS students!) Rhea Wilson, who helped to make the Plant Sale a success in generations past.  The community rallies around the Outdoor Classroom efforts and donations are made from private gardens all around Kensington.  Now that’s community building at its best!

Committee Chair: Beth Dunham (bethdunham783@hotmail.com)