How To Get Involved

At a minimum, the PTA encourages you to become a member and attend the five Association Meetings per year.  The meetings are relatively short, provide free childcare, and are typically followed by a program geared to help your child succeed in school, whether it be parent education, parent support, or a fun family activity.

Room Parents

The PTA staffs classroom and program needs throughout the school year.  Help is always welcome.  Shoot big and become a Room Parent!  There are three Room Parent positions that we try to fill at the beginning of each school year; PTA Room Parent, KEF Room Parent, and Classroom Room Parent.  Each of the Room Parents welcome help and will look for it throughout the year by sending emails to the families in their classes.

    • The PTA Room Parent acts as a liaison between the PTA and the classroom families.
    • The KEF Room Parent acts as a liaison between KEF and the classroom families.
    • The Class Room Parent coordinates and communicates the teacher’s needs to the classroom families.

Prefer a more specific role?

Take on one of the following four jobs:

    • Carnival Room Parent
    • Outdoor Classroom Room Parent
    • Yearbook Room Parent
    • Emergency Preparedness Room Parent


If you want to help, but have limited time:

    • Be a Room Volunteer and help in the classroom, from your home, drive on field trips, or assist in a particular one-time event.  Contact a Room Parent to find out more.

To contribute outside the classroom and truly have your voice heard, get involved by joining the Legislative Committee, which meets the first Monday of every month at 7pm. Contact for more information.