What is the difference between PTA, KEF, Dads’ Club and SSC?

In a nutshell…

PTA advocates for students on a local and national level.  The PTA also helps to staff many volunteer opportunities around campus including the KEF enrichment classes,Yard Duty, Outdoor Classroom as well as the many events held throughout the school year such as Art Night, Carnival, Movie Night, Yearbook and more.

KEF is the fundraising arm of our school community.  The Kensington Education Foundation (KEF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that funds academic enrichment programs for Hilltop students and supports classroom teaching.

The Dads’ Club is a great group of Dads (and Moms!) who work hard to keep the school operating smoothly by assisting at and co-sponsoring major events such as the fall Garden Party and the Spring Carnival.  They also hold work parties to improve classroom and campus environments.

The School Site Council (SSC) is a state mandated organization made up of an equal number of parents and staff members elected to serve a two year term.  The SSC studies achievement and enrollment date and suggests changes in the education program accordingly, directing the expenditure of state funds by forming an academic plan for the year ahead.

What does my $30 membership fee go towards?

Approximately half of the membership fee goes to the PTA.  The remaining half is split between KEF and Dads’ Club.    By joining the PTA you are also joining the effort to improve schools and advocate for our children on a state and national level too.

Does the PTA fundraise?

The PTA holds one fundraiser a year – the Spring Carnival!  The Carnival’s first goal is to build community; fundraising is a secondary goal.  There may be smaller events throughout the year that appear to be fundraising efforts but those funds are a direct pass through to the cause, such as the American Heart Association, Unicef, earthquake relief in Japan, etc.  Funds raised by the PTA are used to pay for school-wide assemblies, emergency backpacks for each classroom, and to support our many programs such as Outdoor Classroom, Safe Routes to School, and more.

Will joining the PTA really make a difference?

Your voice always makes a difference.  Every Child, One Voice is the PTA motto.  By adding your voice to others the PTA is able to weigh in on important matters such as class size reduction, anti-bullying legislation, funding for extracurricular programs, and more.

What are the benefits to joining the PTA?

There are many benefits to joining the PTA including:  membership in a local, state and national cause to support our children’s educational environment and experience; helping to build a sense of community, assisting teachers and supporting students locally, and adding your voice to thousands of others in support of our children.

I don’t have a lot of time but would like to help out, how do I let someone know?

Depending on your area of interest and your available time, you could help out as little or as much as you like!  To get started, let your Classroom Room Parent know you are free to help in the classroom, an extracurricular class, making copies, or driving on a field trip.  Another way to help out could be supplying something from the office Wish List.  You might instead, prefer to take part in a weekend work party for the Outdoor Classroom or an Emergency Preparedness event.  If politics interests you the Legislative Committee meets the first Monday of every month at Kensington’s Sugar Cone Cafe.  There are also PTA Board positions that open every two years.  There are endless ways in which you can become involved!  Contacting any of the Board members or a committee chair will get you started.