KEF Board of Directors

KEF is run by an all-volunteer board elected by KEF members. The board also includes the principal, a teacher representative, and representatives of the Dads’ Club, the PTA , and the School Site Council.

  • President: Kerry Sylvester
  • Vice President: OPEN
  • Secretary: Amy Mullarkey
  • Treasurer: Markus Mullarkey
  • Treasurer Support: OPEN
  • Parent Outreach: Amy Draemel
  • Communications Internet: Paul Stechschulte
  • Community Fund Drive: Jenny Herbert Creek
  • Directory: Megan Cooper, Amy Mullarkey, Jenny Herbert Creek
  • Fall Pledge: Megan Cooper
  • Garden Party: Brenda Lee
  • HR Chair: OPEN
  • HR Support: OPEN
  • Spring Fundraiser: Amy Draemel
  • Dads’ Club Liaison: Amy Draemel
  • PTA Liaison: Amy Mullarkey
  • SSC Liaison: Kerry Sylvester
  • Teachers’ Liaison: Frannie Barr
  • Principal: Megan Burnham
  • Upper Grade Liaison: OPEN
  • KEF Parent Liaison Coordinator: Brenda Lee
  • Enrichment Class Liaison: Shannon Wallace
  • New Family Liaison: Amy Draemel

Attending KEF Board Meetings

Board meetings are generally held on the third Tuesday of each month at 8:00pm in the staff lounge, and are open to KEF members.  While we welcome your attendance we do request advance notice as we sometimes cover confidential employee information. Please contact Kerry Sylvester in advance.

Supporting the KEF Board as a KEF Parent Liaison

The KEF Parent Liaison connects KEF and the families in the classroom, encouraging participation in KEF’s fundraisers.  For more information about the role, visit KEF Parent Liaison.

Interested in Joining the KEF Board?

Parents at Hilltop School have many talents and skills that contribute to KEF’s success.  Prospective candidates need to attend a KEF board meeting prior to the annual election in May.  Each Hilltop parent or teacher who has paid KEF membership dues as of the end of April is entitled to one vote.  In order to meet the KEF quorum requirement, KEF must receive signed ballots from at least 20% of KEF members.  If you are interested in joining the KEF board, please contact Kerry Sylvester.