Camp Caritas Payment

Pay By Credit Card: Pay for Camp Caritas tuition online! Make a single payment of $416.00 (includes $10.00 to cover credit card fees), or two automatic credit card installment payments of $208.00 each (each payment includes $5.00 to cover credit card fees). If you choose the installment option your first payment of $208.00 will be immediate, followed by a second $208.00 payment 45 days from today.

The deadline for signing up for the installment plan is December 6, 2013. The deadline for making a single payment of $416.00 is February 10, 2014.

Make a single $416.00 payment.
Pay $416.00 in 2 installments of $208.00.

Please note that you will be asked to create a PayPal account if you don’t already have one.

Pay By Check: You can save $10.00 by paying with a check for $406.00 made out to “KEF Upper Grade Fund”. Put your check in an envelope labelled “Camp Caritas” and drop it off in the school office. Payment is due by February 10, 2014.

Please email (Nannette Erdtmann) if you have any questions about Camp Caritas payment.