Kensington Read-a-thon

The 2021 Spring Read-a-thon was a great success! Check back for more information in Spring 2022.

May 10-14, 2021

You may remember Activity Week, a spring fundraiser for KEF programs that help each student at Hilltop thrive. Programs like Art, Music/Dance, Science Lab, Computer, Library, Read Naturally, PE, Math Olympiads and more are made possible only with your support! This year, KEF is having a spring Read-a-thon in partnership with the PTA and Dads’ Club since their largest fundraising events (the Carnival and Quilt Raffle) were canceled in 2020 and 2021, along with KEF’s Fall Garden Party. Funds raised by the Read-a-thon will be shared across all three parent groups, and will also support the return of programs like Art Night, Music Night, the Halloween Parade, parent education guest speakers, teacher stipends and more, which help make Hilltop such a wonderful school community.

The goal of the Read-a-thon is to encourage and inspire our kids to read as much as possible during the week, at least 30 minutes every day on their own or with a family member, all while raising funds for our school. It gives them an opportunity to help support the programs they love.

Your child has a number of fun ways to become a Kensington Star Reader!

  • Read-a-thon Bingo Contest — Kids can get creative with where and how they read as they work toward their reading goal every day. They check off as many boxes on the Bingo Sheet as they can and then submit via email by 5/20 for a chance to win a prize! Everyone who participates will also receive a bookmark.
  • Read-a-thon Challenge List — Students can use this fun list to get some inspiration for reading new kinds of books.
  • Collect sponsors — Kids can ask friends and family if they’ll support the Read-a-thon with a flat donation and they’ll earn prizes at various levels of funds raised or number of donations collected. No amount is too small. Keep earning prizes the higher you go!
  • Scavenger Hunt — At the end of the week, celebrate a job well done with a scavenger hunt adventure on your own or with friends! Get a fun treat at the end.

Three grand prizes will be awarded for the students with the most money raised, the most total sponsors, and the winner of the Bingo contest (randomly drawn from entered participants).

Download the Bingo Sheet, Challenge List, and the Scavenger Hunt.

Pledge online using the link below to search for your child’s unique pledge page, or check your inbox for your child’s unique URL that was recently sent by email. Pledge Now!


For questions about the Read-a-thon, please contact Amy Draemel or Cindy Zedeck at