Holidays & Minimum Days


There are no KASEP classes on the following dates (note these dates follow the same Holiday schedule as KHS):

Fall Session Holidays:

  • Monday – October 9th
  • Wednesday –  November 1st
  • Friday – November 10th
  • Thurs – Friday, November 23th – 24th

Winter Session Holidays:

  • Monday – January 15th
  • Monday – Friday, February 19th – 23rd

Spring Session Holidays:

  • Monday – Friday, April 2rd – 6th
  • Monday – May 28th

Minimum Days

Fall Session Minimum Days:

  • Tuesday, October 31 – Halloween
  • Thursday, November 2 – Teacher Conference Day
  • Friday, November 3 – Teacher Conference Day
  • Monday, November 6 – Teacher Conference Day
  • Tuesday, November 7 – Teacher Conference Day
  • Friday, December 15 – Winter Break

Winter Session Minimum Days:

  • No Minimum Days

Spring Session Minimum Days:

  • Thursday, April 19th – Open House
  • Thursday, June 7th – End of School Year

KASEP does not alter the start of its classes on minimum day schedule (Wednesday). KASEP’s first class after school starts at 2:30 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday).

Wednesday KASEP schedule starts at 1:50pm every Wednesday throughout the year.

Minimum days:  KASEP provides an optional service of providing supervision for your child in bridging the gap between when school lets out on minimum days not including Wednesdays (1:50 for grades 1-3 and 2:10 for grades 4-6) and when the first KASEP classes begin at 2:30.  This optional service for your child costs $20 per child for the academic year.

You can pay online for this service.