Kensington After School Enrichment Program (KASEP) offers approximately 50 different classes to students in kindergarten through sixth grades. There are 3 sessions each year: Fall, Winter and Spring.  Classes are held in the Recreation Building, Community Center and park, just down from Kensington Hilltop School.

A brochure with class information, times, costs, and teacher information is sent home from school approximately 2 weeks before registration date. KASEP Brochure is online, KASEP registration is online. Go to http://www.kensingtoncommunitycouncil.org

Neighborhood School and KASEP

Kindergarten: KASEP Teachers pick up kindergarteners right from their classroom and Neighborhood School picks them up and takes them back up top to Neighborhood.

Grades 1-6:  If part of Neighborhood School, children are walked down to their KASEP classes. Neighborhood School will escort students back to Neighborhood after their KASEP classes.