Student Disaster Preparedness

In the event of a disaster during the school day, you may not be readily available to come to school and pick up your child.The PTA maintains supplies on site to provide food, water, and basic comfort care to every student for three days.

Completing this form COMPLETELY and LEGIBLY will permit us to:

  • Provide basic care for your child, with appropriate consideration of any medical issues
  • Communicate about your child’s situation with local or distant contact persons
  • Release your child to any of the people you designate


  1. Login to the school directory: School Directory
  2. Click on: Update Emergency Contacts
  3. Make any necessary changes to your information and then click on the “Save/Confirm” button.
  4. Please click on the “Save/Confirm” button even if there are no changes so we know that you reviewed the form.


For questions, contact: Christina Pollack: Disaster Preparedness Co-Chair