Science Lab

Debbie Armstrong, Science Teacher

Debbie Armstrong has a bachelor’s degree in microbiology.  She is a licensed clinical laboratory scientist and also has a substitute teaching credential.  Science has always been Debbie’s favorite subject.  Both her educational and professional life has revolved around science.  Debbie started teaching science lab in 2002 and became the program director in 2016.  She enjoys interacting with her students, and seeing their interest and enjoyment of science as both qualities develop in the classroom.

A seven-year revolving program has been developed that allows the entire school to study one subject in science in depth each year.  This is a hands-on, discovery type of program.  Debbie teaches each grade level the same curriculum, adjusting to the age level, using age-appropriate materials and methods.

Each spring, students are asked to work on a science project over a period of about eight weeks.  These independent science projects help the student to identify a problem, plan and test solutions, make observations, and evaluate results – all useful skills for life.  Also, every success in science makes them more confident and willing to try something new.  Upon completion, students present their project to their classmates and teacher, and the project is displayed at the annual Science Fair.

Parents are encouraged to sign up to volunteer in science lab.  Sign-up sheets are available at the start of the school year. Debbie can also be contacted directly if you are interested in volunteering at any time during the year.