Kim Paige, Library Coordinator

Kim Paige is a parent of two former students at Kensington Hilltop School and has been our library coordinator since 2010.  Prior to assuming this role, she volunteered extensively in Hilltop’s library.  Kim works with the WCCUSD Library Media Specialist, Paul Haxo, who works one day a week at our school.

The primary goal in the library is to encourage reading.  It is also important that students learn library skills, including responsibility for checked out books; the difference between fiction and nonfiction; where to find certain books, including reference materials; and how to use a computer catalog.

Kim also is able to keep the library open for quiet time during lunch recess most days of the week.

Parent volunteers are always welcome in the library during class time. Parents are also needed to volunteer time in the library outside of class hours to assist in shelving and repairing books.  Sign-up sheets are available at the start of the school year; Kim can be contacted directly if you are interested in volunteering at any time during the year.

Online Library Catalog

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