Anne Forrest, Math Teacher

In 2007 Anne Forrest started the after school Math Club at Kensington Hilltop School to assist students who were struggling in math.  The Math Club supplemented the existing math intervention program that was already in place at Hilltop. Anne received her teaching credential in 2003 from St. Mary’s College in Moraga after serving as Hilltop’s librarian.

Bonnie Bergerud, Math Teacher

Bonnie taught at Kensington Hilltop School for many years, before retiring in 2009.  She has continued to teach as a substitute in our school. Bonnie is one of the math intervention teachers and is also part of the team teaching the math enrichment program, Math Olympiads.

Math Intervention

Anne and Bonnie instruct small groups of four to five students in basic math skills by reviewing and reinforcing lessons that have been taught in class and by introducing new ways to learn the skills through math games and hands-on materials.  All the instruction is aligned to the classroom curriculum.

Math Olympiads

Math Olympiads is an enrichment component to our math curriculum for high-achieving upper grade students. Selection is based on the students’ math scores as well as teacher recommendations. The students are invited to participate in the Math Olympiads, an international program that was created in 1977. The Olympians have a series of five math contests that take place each year. Each team meets for one hour on Wednesday morning with Anne Forrest and Bonnie Bergerud. During this time the teams solve a series of non-routine mathematical problems. They work together to analyze problems, choose strategies, and work collaboratively, and share their ways of reaching an answer. In addition, each week students are given a set of challenges, called PWs for Practice Work, to solve at home or, if time is available, during school.
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