Drop off and Pickup

  • Safe and courteous driving is the key to the success of the traffic plan.
  • Walking to school whenever possible will help the school ensure traffic control and safety.
  • Staff parking spaces may not be used by parents during the school day.
  • If your student has not arrived when you arrive, please continue circling the school parking lot. Please follow the traffic pattern specified below.

Traffic Flow Patterns

There are three ways to access Kensington Elementary School:

  • South side entrance (front of school on Highland Blvd.)
  • Kensington Public Library parking lot on Arlington Ave. (walk up the hill on paved fire road)
  • North side entrance (back of school on Highland Blvd.) This entrance is for pedestrians only – no vehicles other than staff vehicles are allowed in staff parking lot (not even field trip drivers).

South side entrance (front of school)
Follow the one-way traffic pattern to ensure safety and respect for our neighbors.
From Arlington Ave., turn east onto Westminster, then turn right on Kenyon Ave., left on Willamette Ave., and left on Highland Blvd. Drop off in front of school, leave lot, then turn right on Kenyon Ave., and right (west) on Westminster to Arlington Ave. The parking lot is clearly marked with arrows and appropriate signage. One lane is provided for through traffic, and a drop-off area is provided at the front of campus. Cars may not be left unattended in drop-off areas. Staff members and/or parent volunteers are on duty before school to assist with drop-off and student safety.

Library parking lot
From Arlington Ave., turn into the Library/Church Parking lot and drop off students. Students can walk up the hill to school from there. (Parking is allowed is the lot at all times).

North side entrance (back of school)
From Arlington Ave., turn onto Highland Blvd. Continue until you reach the corner of Highland and Arlmont. Stop your vehicle. This is the drop off area. (Please do NOT park on Highland.) Students should walk to school using the right hand side of the street and crosswalk. After dropping off your child, continue down Arlmont taking a right on Arlington Ave. Do not drive up Arlmont from Arlington. Follow the posted traffic control signs.


  • Parents may not park in staff parking spaces.
  • The best place to find parking is at the Kensington Public Library lot on Arlington Ave.
  • The parking lot on the north side of campus (back of school) is for staff use only.
  • Do not drive into the north side gate to drop off or pick up students, before or after school.
  • Do not drive into the north side gate to park and collect/ let out passengers for field trips.