Principal’s message September 15, 2022

Greetings Kensington Community!


-Be sure to check out all of the flyers below after you read the update

-Ensure you have filled out the documents known as the “Annual School Forms” in your PowerSchool account follow these steps or scan the code in the below flyer.   (We still need these forms done by a majority of our families.) Also please fill out the Educational Benefit form, see link in the flyer below. 

– Complete the Kensington School Jump Start to engage with KEF, PTA, and Dads’ Club for pledging, joining, etc. as you are able.



It has been a great week so far…

There was a lovely fog layer drifting in and out of the backdrop for the student pictures today – such a fun setting for some lovely moments captured on film 🙂

KEF classes are underway –  when your student comes home excited about new experiences in these enrichment classes, pay attention to those little stories they want to tell 🙂 My own daughter gave me the update that she got to “check out 2 library books!” which makes me feel grateful that books can generate so much excitement 😉 In truth, we have so much to be thankful for in terms of KEF – our KEF teachers, KEF board, KEF volunteers, and our community for supporting this amazing programming.

KASEP has started this week so there is an added layer of buzz and happiness as students engage in new after school activities. Two kindergartners in room 3 told me about how they got to go to “Fun with Food!” TOGETHER!!! 🙂 Love the enthusiasm for these new experiences.

Academic update:

Teachers in grades 3-6 are now able to access the SBAC (statewide standardized test) scores for their students from the 2021-2022 school year, and they will use this summative assessment data to inform instruction.  There are also formative assessments given over the course of the year – STAR tests are one such formative assessment – that provide “on-time” information for teachers to continually ensure they are differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all learners.

Many parents have asked me how our students’ SBAC scores from last year compare to years past.  Kensington follows a similar trend to all schools in WCCUSD in that we showed a very slight decline in both RLA and Math as compared to the last time students took these tests (over three years ago.)  One interpretation of this is that there was some learning loss that occurred over the distance-learning year.  Another interpretation is that students had not engaged in the testing process recently and test-taking skills need refinement.

Kensington has robust interventions in place for students who need support to meet grade level standards.  As we move towards those early November conferences with your student’s teacher, you may want to start jotting down questions you have in regard to your own child’s progress towards meeting grade level standards. These conferences are a rich opportunity for collaboration and for holding a student-centered lens that honors the unique needs of each learner.

See you at Coffee with the Principal tomorrow morning 🙂

With deep appreciation for our community,