Principal’s message May 12, 2022

CARNIVAL!! THIS SATURDAY the 14th from 11:00AM to 3:00PM!

There is absolutely nothing like the grins that this event solicits from our young people! Well, actually young and old alike!

Behind the scenes there is a tremendous amount of coordination and planning underway to make this huge event a success — and WE NEED YOUR HELP! We rely on our parent volunteers to make carnival a success, and so far we’re a bit behind on sign-ups. Please consider signing up to help run a booth or carnival activity HERE or with the Dad’s Club HERE. Anyone who signs up for 3 shifts gets a free lunch! 

Also friendly reminder that this Friday 5/13 is the last day to return your raffle tickets to the front desk – so far Ms. Cason’s class is leading the charge with most tickets sold! 🙂

A few additional updates:

Snack and Lunch:

  • We continue to eat outdoors for snack and lunch – but it has been a bit windy of late.  The students have been incredibly flexible about the eating situation, even with the wind, but I wanted to be sure you are all aware of the conditions.  If you are packing a lunch at home, the items in a thermos are excellent as it is easy to dip in a fork or spoon and eat without feeling like things are blowing around too much.  School lunches seem to continue to work well, as students have learned how to weigh down the wrappings that can blow away with other heavier items in the lunch… It is all certainly a work in progress. Again – huge appreciation for our resilient kiddos!

SBAC testing:

  • SBAC testing is still underway until the end of next week – our students have shown tremendous focus and determination for these end-of-year summative assessments.  Thanks for continuing to send them well-rested and with a hearty breakfast.


  • If you are a family that will not be returning to Kensington next year (this does not include rising Korematsu 7th graders) please please please be sure to turn in your Chromebook to school at the end of the year. Thank you!


  • Wednesday June 8th is the last day of school – please mark your calendars that this day is a noon dismissal.


  • This is an extraordinary community:  each day there are moments of gratitude for the million different ways that the adults show up for the kids… volunteering, providing extra school supports, appreciation, food, leadership groups, yard supervision, the list goes on… Please know that each and every child in our community benefits from your dedication and kindness.

We continue to make our way TOGETHER through this unprecedented year!

With all my best to each of you,