Principal’s message January 13, 2022

Hello everyone!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter… I appreciate so much the excellent communication we have been able to maintain this year as a community – through Thursday letters and packets, emails, phone conversations and even the rare person-to-person conversation.

This communication is the cornerstone for all of us to successfully navigate these ever-changing times.  

As a high school teacher for many years my mantra was always, “no question is a bad question!” and this most certainly applies to this time.

If you are unsure of next steps in regard to how best to proceed given a positive case at home, or your child’s other school, or you have traveled, or you just have no idea the right course of action – please ask!  I often prefer to talk things through on the phone because it is so challenging to communicate the intricacies of COVID protocols (that are also always changing!!!) in an email.

But however we end up communicating, the important thing is that we DO communicate. Email: office number: 510 231-1415

I could spend this letter trying to delineate the next round of COVID guidelines that are at play, but instead my message today is simple: Let’s work through any and all COVID related situations together, step by step, to ensure that everyone feels safe, confident in next steps, and is taking not just their own child’s health into consideration, but also the well-being of our entire community is a part of the decision-making matrix.

With that said, I will add a couple of things 😉

  • MASKS:
  • KN95 or surgical masks are now required for your kiddo at school – we have some to provide your kids, and the district has said they will send more.
  • It is super important that these masks fit properly over nose and mouth and do not fall down. Thanks for practicing with your student so they can keep it together for the day – honestly, the kids are doing AMAZING with this.  It is remarkable to see their resilience in action – PE in KN95s and surgical masks?!? Incredible.
  • COVID testing:
  • Our testing day is Monday each week, but there is no school Monday of next week for MLKs birthday – Jan 17th, so I will alert you all as to the testing day when they release the schedule for next week.
  • Again, if your student has been testing weekly, there is no need to schedule an appointment.
  • With any testing questions, reach out to our office clerk extraordinaire: Barbara Wansick: 

Thanks for reading all of the flyers below…

And, as always, thank you for keeping your child home and letting us know if they have any COVID symptoms,

Take good care,