Principal’s message December 9, 2021

Hello Kensington Community,

As we move towards the upcoming winter break, please help me reinforce with our students the need to show respect, kindness and care for all members of our school community.

These weeks since the Thanksgiving break have presented a few challenges with student interactions: sometimes students are playing a bit rough, or words are used that are not kind, or we may have a more intense game of tag than we would normally see.

I don’t know if it is due to the current chilly weather 😉 or what is in the air – but we are working diligently to address this renewed vigor 😉 during playtime.

One approach we currently have to address this concern is the concept of “keeping the peace” during recess at Kensington.

The peace sign is a reminder that we play together harmoniously, and with a mind towards peaceful resolution as needed.

When we hold up our peace sign it is also a nice reminder of the type of tagging that is allowed at Kensington: Only “butterfly fingers” (or a peace sign) are allowed (with a light touch on the back) when playing tag.  

Finally, the two fingers are a reminder of the consequence when/if we have an unsafe incident (even accidentally) during a game – there is a chance that the activity may be suspended for two weeks.

In general we have had a truly remarkable return to in-person school, with extraordinary camaraderie, fun and creativity with play.  But I want to keep you all in the loop as to which way the wind is blowing, so you can reinforce these important messages at home.

And, parent volunteers are always needed during lunch! Please sign up to join us and support if you are able.

Thank you so much!

In Community,