Principal’s message December 2, 2021

Hello! Here we are in December! Though cool in the mornings, the days warm up by afternoon for our daily outdoor eating. In fact, the bright sun does warrant a sun hat on most days, if this is something you wish to send for your child.

In this Thursday letter I want to take a moment to shout out a few really special “behind the scenes” members of our community… 

On Monday of this week we completed our COVID testing for all classes in record time, and with accolades from Laboratory Services of America for our organization and efficiency.  As you may know, Laboratory Services of America administers the COVID tests, but there is a great deal of coordination required to ensure a smooth process with all of the students.  We have had an extraordinary group of parent volunteers who have led this effort, and I would like to publicly acknowledge these amazing people for their dedication to and care for our students. Below I mention the many hats that these individuals wear in an effort to highlight the level of effort that is put into our school community by these remarkable folks.

Amy Mullarkey – Kensington Hilltop PTA President and KEF Secretary – has been on site every Monday this school year to coordinate the COVID testing process. 

Brenda Lee – KEF Garden Party Chair and Parent Liaison, as well as PTA Treasurer – has supported greatly with the testing procedures.

Other key support:

Maya Durrett (PTA Hospitality Committee), Lauren Burns (PTA Communications) and Amy Draemel (KEF board) have helped with testing on Mondays.

Also, while we are at it, I want to delineate additional roles for PTA and KEF – these parents provide invaluable leadership and support for our school:

For KEF: Kerry Sylvester is President and Markus Mullarkey is Treasurer.  Jenny Herbert-Creek, Dennis Hartigan-O’Connor and Megan Cooper worked on the (very successful – THANK YOU!!!!) KEF Fall Pledge.  Camden Richards and Joshua Dickinson, and other parent volunteers, are early morning warriors to ensure the Running Club is on track each day 😉

For PTA: Michaelle McGaraghan masterminds the Eye on Equity newsletter, Aubrey Adams coordinates our essential parent volunteers for yard duty, And Steven Chin ensures the Safe Routes to School.  Lisa Prange is Secretary. Katie Brohawn is Vice President.  Cindy Zedeck coordinates the room parents, who are all so very much appreciated.

The Dads’ Club put a glorious shade structure over the Kindergarten lunch tables recently, among other school physical plant improvements, as always.

Thank you all for your leadership, and if you are not a part of the PTA, KEF or Dads’ Club groups yet, we are always looking for more parents to join! Please shoot me an email or reach out to your child’s classroom KEF liaison parent, or any of the parents above 😉

I would also be remiss not to thank Pam and Barbara for their tireless work in the front office of Kensington, which has included a great deal of additional administration and communication due to the added layer of COVID protocols this year.

The great news is that we have not had a positive COVID case on campus for over a month now, and more and more students are being vaccinated each day!

If your child is not getting tested on Mondays, please make sure you sign them up and schedule one appointment to sign the updated consent form for all future testings. The link for this is on our school website. If any of the protocols or procedures change regarding COVID, I will let you know.

Other updates:

  • Please make sure to contact the front office if your student is absent for any reason: 510 231-1415
  • The Food Drive needs you! Please send some cans of food or other unopened non-perishables with your student this week! Thanks so much!
  • Please remind your student that recess play is not the time to exercise the same intense competitive spirit that they may demonstrate during their extracurricular sports activities outside of school. The goal, of course, is to ensure active and safe participation for all students in our recess activities. 
  • As always, reach out with any questions or concerns:


In Community,