Principal’s message Nov 4, 2021

Hello Kensington Community,

A few appreciations and updates this week:

  • We have minimum days today, Thursday, Nov. 4th, Friday, Nov. 5th, AND Monday, Nov. 8th.  These shorter days allow for conferences to take place after school.
  • There is no school on Thursday, November 11th in observance of Veteran’s Day.
  • The 6th grade legacy art installation is complete! This beautiful and dramatic artwork includes individual works done by 6th graders from the past 2 years during distance learning. It is installed on the side of our emergency preparation storage unit on the upper playground.  Well done everyone, especially Winoka for her vision and ability to bring such a lovely addition to life on our campus.
  • Thanks to the Dad’s Club for your assistance with the new art installation, as well as the much-needed shade coverings for our kindergarten playground, among other facilities and classroom maintenance supports that you so generously provide for our school.
  • Teachers are in the thick of conferences – Thanks to our amazing educators, and to all of you, for making this conference time meaningful as we continue to work as a team to educate our students.
  • Report cards will be distributed to your students on Friday, November 19th.

The report cards will follow a “Strengths-Based Narrative” format to “describe what  students can do and their next steps toward the mastery of skills and grade level standards” and they will “reflect a child’s learning and progress toward grade level standards.” 

  • COVID testing continues to be on Mondays, and thanks to the amazing work of our parent volunteers our testing process is humming along – allowing us to test every classroom on each testing day. Please remember that if you have not yet registered your student for testing, this link is provided on our school website. 
  • COVID False Positives: We have had some weeks with no positives at all (yeah!!!) on the Antigen tests, and some weeks with one or more positives on the Antigen tests, and as you all know we have then had follow up PCR tests that make these original Antigen tests “false positives”.

Here is how it works: If an Antigen test is positive, there is a follow up PCR test given to that student, and results for the PCR take a few days to receive.  Thus, per CCC Health protocol, we proceed from a positive rapid Antigen test to notify the classroom and school community promptly.  Also, the active case and identified close contacts are sent home.  

Once the PCR result is confirmed, we are able to either confirm it was a false positive or a true positive. My understanding is that the rapid Antigen tests are roughly 98% accurate – so our rate of false positives are consistent with this rate given the number of students we are testing each week.  I know this process has been challenging for us all to navigate, but please know that we are taking all steps with student and staff health and safety as our top priority. 

  • If you are planning to travel over the coming weeks, please work with our front office staff to ensure we are all making decisions that continue to support student and staff safety.  Remember that a quarantine period and testing is strongly recommended after travel.  We can help talk this through with you, and answer any questions you may have.
  • Please check the Lost and Found in front of school! There are lots of sweaters and jackets!
  • As always, I am here for any questions or concerns:

In Community,