Principal’s message Oct 28, 2021


This next week – the first week of November – is our conference time at Kensington.  Please make sure you are signed up for a time slot to meet with your student’s teacher.

There is no school on Monday, November 1st so teachers can conduct conferences with parents and caregivers all day.

The rest of the week – Tuesday, November 2nd to Friday, November 5th – are minimum days for students, so that the afternoons can also be dedicated to conferences.

These meetings are a wonderful opportunity to listen to the classroom teacher as they provide examples of student work and relevant data regarding academic performance and growth. Further, especially given this past year of distance learning, teachers may provide valuable anecdotal data regarding your child’s social-emotional development this year.

I encourage parents and caregivers to keep in mind the growth mindset: Two important ideas are 1) that often great learning comes with a bit of struggle, and 2) that there lies great power in the use of the word “yet” (for example, “I may not be able to divide fractions… YET…” or, “I don’t know how to draw a unicorn… YET…” 😉 

These growth mindset ideals are important to continually reinforce in our messaging with children, and can also serve all of us adults well as we frame our children’s experience in school.

A few more updates:

Traffic patterns and parking:

Please remember to follow the traffic patterns as marked in the front of school, as well as follow the flow of traffic downhill in the back of school.  These traffic patterns are a huge help in keeping our students safe.

We have had some complaints from neighbors of cars parked across their driveways, in no-parking zones, and of cars driving too fast in the neighborhood.

Please remember to be respectful to the Kensington Hilltop Neighbors, and drive like you and your family live in the neighboring houses.  


Starting today, we are finally ready to start offering free snacks (morning breakfast) to students in grades 4-6 during their first recess time.  Students in grades 1-3 have been able to choose to have snack during their recess, and we are now finally able to have this offering for all students grades 1-6 during their morning recess.  

It is very simple: If a student does not have a snack from home to eat at school, they can choose to come and eat the school-provided snack (often cold cereal or a muffin) on the patio during their morning recess-time. The student does not need to pre-order this snack, nor does it need to be paid for. 

The morning snack for kindergarten is home-provided and students eat this in the kinder playground area.  Thank you parents for continuing to provide morning snack for our littlest kiddos! 

Eating Plan:

Our rainy day eating plan has gone very well over the past week or so, with great vigilance on the part of all adults at school to ensure safe spacing, adequate air flow and air filtration, as well as students facing the same direction while eating. (As always, a million thanks to the lunch time volunteers!!! 🙂

We are still eating outdoors when it is dry enough, so you may wish to encourage your student to have a warm layer or two for the chillier days.  

Principal Zoom Chats:

It has been delightful to meet many of you in my weekly zoom chats – thanks for the great questions, awesome conversations, and patience as my own kiddos have zoom-bombed these meetings a time too many 🙂 

Instead of the final zoom chat tomorrow, Thursday, October 28th, I am planning to attend the Dad’s Club meeting to speak with parents there. 

As always, please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

In community,