Principal’s message October 1, 2020

October is typically a very busy month at Kensington School.  We start with the Math Festival, quickly move on to the Multicultural Night potluck, then Movie Night, and the month finally ends with our Halloween Parade led by the Cal Band. The purpose of all of these events is to celebrate our community, provide fun and engaging opportunities for our students and their families, and continue long-standing school traditions.

Parent leaders are working hard to create and promote some new opportunities for us to build and celebrate our school community.  For many years, our annual Multicultural Night potluck has been one of our most successful events.  About three years ago, as we came together in the MPR after a number of smoke days and concerns about fire danger, we wondered whether we were too successful! The lines snaked out into the parking lot, we ran out of food, and we hoped that the fire marshall wouldn’t pay us a visit and tell us that we had gone beyond the maximum capacity of our space! 

As we feasted on the delicious food that is always the hallmark of the event, I heard many parents remark that we should make a cookbook to share the recipes that celebrate our wonderfully diverse community.  Well this is the year!  Since we can’t cook for each other, we have the opportunity to share our traditional family recipes in written form!  And what a perfect time this is; we’re all cooking way more than ever before, and if you’re like me, you are in need of some new ideas for feeding your family. In this week’s Thursday Packet you will find a flyer explaining the process.  I encourage you to choose a recipe that either reflects your family’s cultural traditions or is simply a family favorite.  Kid-friendly recipes are encouraged, just as they are at the Multicultural Night potluck. 

I’m looking forward to sharing a few of my family’s favorite recipes, and I invite you to do the same.  Our pandemic cookbook will become a wonderful way to reflect back on this year, and hopefully will inspire some cooking even after we’re able to return to in-person celebrations in the future!