Special President’s Message

As an Association of Parents and Teachers dedicated to supporting and enhancing the Hilltop School community and beyond, we recognize that there are enormous challenges for all of us as we begin this academic year. Our community institutions and how we treat each other both in and outside of “formal” school are more important than ever. People are experiencing these difficulties in different ways but frustration and anxiety are high for everyone.

Your KES PTA Board has been working over the summer to reorganize for operating with 50% smaller budget and no in-person events for the foreseeable. Our goals are to promote positive community experiences, good two-way communications, and hopefully ease some of the gaps and uncertainties that challenge our families and children’s educations this year.

Our plan is to organize ourselves via six Action Groups, convened by Board volunteers but to which ANY Kensington community member can contribute, and believe me we can use the help:

  • Community: Hospitality, welcoming newcomers, teacher appreciation and support
  • Communications: Calendar, marketing, Facebook, website, E-Tree, Thrs packet, FAQ 
  • Coordination: Principal, KEF & DC liaison, inter-group coordination, financial management, safety and emergency prep, legislation, and advocacy
  • Enrichment: Parent Education events, Virtual Assemblies for kids, Virtual Meet-ups, library support, outdoor classroom
  • Fundraising: Spirit Wear, quilt auction, other initiatives as possible
  • Social Equity & Responsibility: liaison with AAPAC, parent support efforts, service projects.

We will post specific contact people for each of these areas once volunteer leads are confirmed (maybe you??)

Everyone is invited to our first general virtual meeting of this year, on Thursday August, 27th, starting 7:00p. Zoom invitation to follow. At that meeting, we can roll up our sleeves to find creative ways to support our kids, families, and teachers. Please join us!

On a personal note, I did my doctorate in Public Policy at Cal and we had a slogan sign in the computer lounge: “If you see something that needs doing, congratulations, you’re elected.” We (re)learned some lessons from our recent Zoom experience. Thanks to those of you who volunteered to help with tech so our next event go more smoothly–we’ll take advantage of that!! Good luck for you and loved ones with the launch of this exceptional school year. May we all find some ways, big and small, to make it exceptionally wonderful, too.

Sharyl Rabinovici
KES PTA President ’20-’21