Principal’s message Sept. 26, 2019

For many of our children, heading down to the library and the adjacent park after school is a daily occurrence.  Whether it’s a place to do homework, wait for a ride home, hang out with friends, or wait for the bus, the public library and the Kensington Park are great assets to our community as well as  frequently-used after school options for many families.  Please remind your children that the public library and the park are just that:  public places.  When children are in any public place they need to remember that their behavior should be appropriate, and that they need to be cautious around people whom they do not know.  Remind your children not to give out personal information to strangers, and let them know to tell the librarians if they have any problems or concerns while in the library.  Remind them that when they are at the park there may be little or no adult supervision, and that if there are any problems they need to let an adult know as soon as possible.  It has been reported to me by parents at the park that many students are putting others at risk by throwing rocks and sticks, while some parents are driving recklessly in the parking lot and adjoining roads.  Please be careful and encourage your children to do the same.  I will let parents know about any individual students whose behavior is reported to me as problematic at the park or in the library.

The next few weeks are filled with exciting events.  Beginning tonight with our “Community Conversation,” followed next week by our Family Math Festival, and finally two weeks later one of our most popular evenings, the Multicultural Night Potluck takes center stage. I look forward to seeing many of you, and your children, at school on these evenings.