Principal’s message April 11, 2019

What a wonderful time of year this is!  Bulbs are in bloom, our students are harvesting the vegetables they planted in the fall, and poppies are waving in the breeze to greet children as they arrive at school.  Signs will soon be advertising our annual school carnival, science fair projects are completed, and SBAC tests are focusing our students’ attention.  Just as the seeds and bulbs that were planted many months ago are now showing their vivid colors, so our students are blossoming right before our eyes!  It is so exciting to see our children’s achievements.  Boys and girls, who could read only a few words in the dark of winter, are now devouring books as they walk down the hallways.  Students are writing research papers; and learning to multiply, divide and manipulate fractions.  Some of our students have recently returned from an overnight field trip focused on environmental education, while other students are anticipating trips focused on science and social science standards.
During the vacation week I found myself immersed in news of the college admissions scandal while simultaneously reading about the latest “snowplow” parenting phenomenon.  Unlike the simple hovering of “helicopter” parents, this latest group works to remove all obstacles from their children’s paths, under the misguided assumption that their kids cannot handle the day-to-day challenges that come along.  As I pondered the strides that our children have made in the past few months, I thought about what a disservice we do to try to keep them sheltered from all adversity. How else do they build resiliency and begin to learn to trust themselves?  Having the opportunity to overcome challenges, to “dust oneself off and try again,” and to sit with disappointment, are accomplishments as great as learning to read and memorizing multiplication tables, and are as likely to predict long-term success as admission to any particular college.  It’s never too soon to help our children along that path.