Principal’s Message March 7, 2019

Tonight is PTA Parent Education Night!
Please join us at 7:00 in the MPR to hear Dr. Jabari Mahiri speak on
Helping Children and Adults Understand Cultural Diversity
How we can facilitate young people’s appreciation of multiple dimensions of diversity beyond the color-coded categories of race.

*    *    *    *

Many of you may recall that in the aftermath of the “incendiary device” found on the hillside in front of the school in early November, a community meeting was held with representatives from local law enforcement and the District.  During that meeting a request was made by some parents for information about the cost of various security measures: cameras, fencing, and security personnel.  The District representative made a commitment to get back to the group with that information, which they did in mid-January. The estimated costs are:

Security: $212,000 for 1 guard, 3 shifts (24/7)
Cameras: $70,000
Fencing: $15,000

I reported these projected costs in my Principal’s Report at all of the parent/community meetings during January and February.  The Dads’ Club, PTA, KEF, School Site Council, and PTA Board all got this information, and it was also reported at the Coffee with the Principal on January 18.  While the District got estimates for these security measures, they do not have the resources for funding, so allocating money to cover these costs would fall to the parent organizations.

At the same time that these conversations were happening, there was another theft from our Earthquake, Dads’ Club, and Running Club containers.  These events caused us to renew our commitment to campus safety and security, while at the same time requiring us to consider fundraising to replace critical supplies.  The leaders of the parent organizations have been meeting throughout the past two months to strategize and plan, and discussions about campus safety, security, and next steps are ongoing, and include consideration of new storage options for emergency supplies, fundraising options, and campus safety and security.