Principal’s Message March 14, 2019

Every weekend, as I sit down to write my “Principal’s Message,”  I vacillate between trying to impart some meaningful parenting or child-rearing thoughts drawn from my soon-to-be 33 years of experience raising my own children (and now getting to chime in as a relatively new grandparent), and wanting to remind parents about seemingly trivial school concerns.  The positive feedback that I get usually follows one of the former messages; no one seems to enjoy reading about traffic, parking, drop-off and pick-up, absence notes, or other mundane issues.  Truth to tell, I don’t enjoy writing about those either.  Yet those are the ones that can either make our school days run smoothly or not.

I often feel silly, having to remind reasonable, well-educated adults to follow the rules:  don’t park in teachers’ parking places, follow the posted traffic pattern, don’t block the neighbors’ driveways, get your children to school on time, call if you’ll be late picking them up; the list goes on and on and on.  I am constantly reminding children that my “pet peeve” is people who think the rules don’t apply to them.  I often ask children, “What would happen if everyone did what you are doing?”  Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I’m a rule follower; I just think it makes life run more smoothly when we all do what we’re supposed to do!  I will never forget being at the grocery store years ago and overhearing a parent putting her young child in the shopping cart.  The toddler asked his mother a question; I couldn’t hear his small two-year-old voice, but she answered him loudly enough for me to overhear: “They tell us not to do it, but we do it anyway.”  What kind of a message is that to give your child?  I couldn’t help but think to myself, I certainly hope they don’t come to my school!

So I guess this has turned into one of “those” messages.  While I’m at it, I’ll just add a few more reminders:  If your child has lice, please bring her to the office to be checked by Pam or Barbara before she returns to class.  If your child has a doctor’s or dentist’s appointment, please bring her to school before or after the appointment so we don’t lose our funding for the day, and your child doesn’t miss instruction.  If you are scheduling vacations or family excursions, try to do so during our school holidays.  If your child will miss five or more days, please talk with her teacher about completing an independent study contract so that we will receive funding for the days she is not at school.  If your teacher prepares an independent study contract, please have your child complete the work and return it to school.  Thanks for your cooperation.