Principal’s Message Nov. 29, 2018

The month of November provided many challenges for our school community.  We began the month with the “incendiary device” found adjacent to the parking lot and the possibility of closing the school, and ended the month with the closure of school after days of very smoky air.  Both events caused us to re-evaluate our communication systems as well as our emergency plans.  The District has provided the opportunity for families to give input about how we can best communicate; please take the time to participate in this survey.

We are now knee-deep in the somewhat frantic time of the year when many of us are attempting to multi-task even more than usual.  We’re shopping, cooking, baking, entertaining, planning, and making lengthy lists.  Our days are often an endless series of errands squeezed between obligations to family and work.  This is certainly my reality, and I’d guess it’s true for many of the rest of you as well.

This frenetic pace often manifests itself in the school parking lot, and on neighboring streets, especially at pick-up.  Impatient drivers are a significant cause for concern at the end of the day.  We see parents waving their children across lanes of traffic so they can jump into a waiting car, drivers cutting around cars, or going the wrong way around the traffic circle in front of the school in order to snag a parking space. In addition, I have been asked by some elderly residents in our community to remind parents to obey the parking restrictions on the north side of our campus at pick up time and to respect the private road east of the intersection of Highland and Arlmont.  Thanks for your cooperation!

Please don’t forget our Holiday Toy Drive that benefits students at Coronado School in Richmond.  Red containers are located in the front hallway into which you can place new, or gently used, unwrapped toys, games, puzzles, stuffed animals, and books.  The last day to donate will be Monday, December 17.  For more than twenty years, the Kensington School community has brightened the holidays for many needy families.  Let’s do our part to continue this generous tradition!