Community meeting update 11/7/2018

Dear Kensington Families,

I wanted to update you on the situation that began last Thursday with the “incendiary device” that was found adjacent to the front parking lot and let you know about a community meeting that is planned for next Tuesday evening (details below). Monday morning, a somewhat impromptu meeting was held with Police Chief Hull and me immediately after drop-off. I apologize that the timing was such that more parents could not be notified of the meeting, but I did not get confirmation that Chief Hull could attend until that morning. Very comprehensive notes were taken by a parent and can be made available to anyone who is interested.

To briefly summarize, Chief Hull gave a description of the device that was found: it was a 2-liter plastic soda bottle that had been cut and inside were a propane canister and some charcoal briquettes. It was wrapped in duct tape and packing tape and had been left, possibly for as long as two weeks, on the hillside adjacent to the front parking lot. There was no source of ignition, no triggering mechanism that could have set it off, and Chief Hull said that it was not placed in a location that was optimal for starting a fire. He characterized it as a “crude device.” The police department is continuing to investigate the incident and has called in other agencies (including Cal Fire, UCPD, and East Bay Parks) and resources to assist. He further stated that a thorough search of the campus and the surrounding area, including Kensington Park, was completed before the decision was made to open school on Friday morning.

I know that some people have ongoing concerns, and I would like to provide the opportunity to meet and share information. I have invited Chief Hull and representatives from the District to join us next Tuesday, November 13, at 7:00 PM in our MPR. Childcare will be provided.

I continue to prioritize student safety; I appreciate the ongoing assistance of the Kensington Police, who are typically on our campus daily, as well as the many parents who are on our campus on a regular basis. Our community has historically supported the school in many ways, and this most recent incident is an example of everyone working together to ensure the safety of our school community.
Best regards,
Judy Sanders