Garden Photos

A few photos of the gardens at Kensington Hilltop.

Kindergarten garden. We have many different things planted in this garden- favas, carrots, beets, peas, lettuce, chard, and cauliflower. The kindergarteners have planted seeds as well as seedlings, and are really enjoying watching their plants grow.

Lunch time garden. It is full to the brim of favas, garlic, celery, collard greens, broccoli, swiss chard, kale, tat soi, calendula flowers, and lettuce.

Classroom gardens on the 3rd/4th wing. In the foreground, you can see kale and peas, as well as wheat and potatoes.

Fava bean explosion. This is part of our lunch time garden area, and this trough was planted entirely by 1st and 3rd graders.

4th grade decomposition activity. We buried a variety of objects- an apple, fabric, a branch, paper, and plastic. We will dig these items up periodically to study their relative rates of decomposition. It became a joke with the 4th graders, that all of the other grades were planting plants, and they were planting “trash.”