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    Dear Kensington Families,

    As most of you are already aware, the 2020-21 school year will start off with distance learning. While I know we all wish we could be back in the building, I’m sure that our community will work together to make the best possible learning opportunities for all of our students.

    I am very aware that the past four months have been challenging for everyone. On March 13 we left school anticipating that we would return in a few weeks, and here we are still unsure about when our children can go back into their classrooms. Looking ahead, many families have reached out asking about class assignments, and requesting that the information be released earlier than usual. I understand that parents are trying to figure out their own work schedules and childcare arrangements, as well as other logistics of our new shelter-in-place lives. My goal is to have class lists finalized by the end of the first week of August and once that is done, we will send the information out by email.

    I intend to work with all of our grade-level teams to ensure that there is collaboration around instruction and scheduling as we move into the new school year. Many of the particulars of what school will look like are still being negotiated with the labor groups; once we have more specifics I will let you know. A meeting will be scheduled in early August (once we have all the pertinent information to share) to give out more information about the start of school, and there will be the opportunity to submit questions for me to answer. Please keep an eye on your email for more specifics.

    I realize parents have begun to have conversations among their peer groups regarding creating pods and possibly hiring tutors to support distance learning and provide childcare in the absence of other options.  While I have been asked by a few families to group students in classes with specific other children in order to facilitate these family groupings, I will not be able to honor those requests. As I have explained in the past, teachers worked hard to create balanced classes, and I cannot make changes based on family pod groupings without undoing that carefully considered work. I recognize that many families have the need for childcare and will need to work together to develop plans to ensure parents are able to meet their own obligations.  I hope that equity and inclusion will guide that decision-making, and that no children or families will become more isolated as a result of these groupings.

    Many families have reached out about what they can do to help the greater Kensington community – thank you!  Indeed, it will take all of us working together to get through this.  The PTA and KEF have been meeting to consider their roles in our new reality, and they are committed to continuing to support the education of all students. As we develop more specific plans in the coming weeks we will be communicating with you. Please know that a lot of preliminary work has taken place over the summer both at the district level and the site level to ensure a thoughtful and creative learning plan to launch the new school year. As always,we look forward to partnering with you!

    Stay safe, wash your hands, and don’t touch your face!!
    Warm regards,
    Judy Sanders

    Monday, August 17 – Distance learning begins


    For ALL NEW incoming students starts Tuesday, Jan. 21 2020 – Jan. 31 2020 between the hours of 9:00 and 11:30 a.m. or 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. Enrollment is on a first come first serve basis. Registration is a two step process; step one is done online –  link to “info snap” – the online registration site, will be available January 21st on  Step two is an in person visit to the school office with all the verifying documents (after the 21st please call for an appointment). If you come on the morning of the 21st without filling out the online registration we will take all your verifying documents and you can complete the enrollment process by submitting your online registration later that day. If you’re unable to stay,  you can make an appointment to return at a later date.

    Upper Grade Registration: Starting this year registration for upper grades will take place at the same time as Kindergarten registration.

  • KEF Remote Learning Opportunities are now available!

    During the Shelter in Place, KEF is pleased to be able to offer enrichment activities that students and their families can access each week. Click on each week’s link, found under the KEF Remote Learning Opportunities section beneath Announcements in the left side bar, to find learning activities in each of the areas that KEF supports during the regular school year. We hope they bring a smile to your child’s face!

  • PTA Association Meeting


    Please join us for the last PTA Association meeting of this school year. We’ll elect our new officers, present a preliminary budget for 2020-2021 and discuss how next school year’s PTA Board and Association may operate based on reduced funds and our approach to the un-known school year. The PTA board and Mrs. Sanders will hold a Q&A after the Association business concludes.

    The Association meeting will take place on Zoom. If you would like to attend please register using the link provided below.

    Registration must be complete by 3 p.m. on April 30th to allow meeting set-up time. You can submit questions for the PTA Board and Mrs. Sanders at the time of registration. Any questions not addressed during the meeting will be answered in a follow-up communication.

    Registrants will receive an email at 5 p.m. on the 30th with the Zoom meeting link, agenda, and meeting protocol. If you are unfamiliar with Zoom please spend time on the platform familiarizing yourself with the interface prior to Thursday’s meeting.

    Register for the Zoom Association Meeting:

    If you have any questions please email:
    Sherry Garcia, PTA President

  • The Dads’ Club hopes you are staying safe and healthy. We are disappointed to miss out on our barbecues, socials and events, but we look forward to seeing you all in the summer or fall when we get back on track. We postponed our spring work party, so stay tuned for a new date when we are able to reschedule.

  • About Site Council

    The School Site Council (SSC) is composed of the school principal and 8-10 parents, teachers and other staff selected by their peers, representing all segments of the school community for the common goal of supporting student success. The SSC does this by developing and monitoring the implementation of the school’s plan known as the Single Plan for Student Achievement. The SSC also determines how certain funds received by the school for this purpose should be spent.

    The SSC members are the principal; teacher representatives; other staff representatives; parents/other community representatives, and student representatives at the secondary level with each group selected by their peers.

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